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About Claudio Milano

Early Career

With over 30 years in the fashion circuit, fashion designer and entrepreneur Claude Cohen of Claudio Milano envisioned and built his brands from the ground up. Beginning with his earliest brand, NewYork NewYork, founded  in 1985, a desire to provide excellence in quality met talent and perseverance. NewYork NewYork became the staple of style with over 25 stores opened nationally.

Claudio Milano

Establishing a new homebase in Miami, Florida in 2001, Claude built a company inspired and molded by the luxe lifestyle of those who appreciate elegance and class. Claudio Milano quickly expanded from a boutique carrying various Italian brands, to 7 stores across the country carrying one-of-a-kind, couture evening gowns and dresses. With his unique technique of mixing exquisite blends of silks and Swarovski crystals, Claude’s designs have become a familiar element in Miami as well as the world of fashion. His dresses can be seen worn by several renowned celebrities as well as adorned down red-carpet events.

New Endeavors

Expanding his brand even further, Claude began developing a new, more casual, lifestyle brand, Claudio Basic, in 2012. Using only the finest quality of natural fibers and linens, the brand aspires to combine comfort, luxury and irresistible style. Although still in its infancy, Claudio Basic is proving to catch the attention of those who seek these characteristics, as well as many boutiques across the country.

The Team

Claudio Milano, established in 2001, is a family owned business. The team consists of Claude Cohen, the designer and creative director, along with who handles business and official activities, his brother, Avi Cohen, who handles and manages the company’s operations.